DJ Stretch was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago where he began his interest in deejaying at the age of 15. His name is Curtis Currie Jr. but better known as DJ Stretch. Instead of going to house parties and block parties to dance, he would watch the local deejays spin records. This was his way of learning how to mix and blend music. At the age of 16 DJ Stretch expressed to his dad DJ Capt Curt of his interest in deejaying and would like for him to show him how to DJ a party. It was then when his dad gave him his first mixer (a Pioneer wedge) and 2 turntables (belt driven Pioneer PL 155A’s). DJ Stretch would practice day end and day out with his dad’s records. Although he was too young to go to the clubs while there was a party going on, his dad would take him very early in the morning after people had left to the night clubs where his dad would sometimes spin record to clean up the place. After finish cleaning his dad would allow him to play around with the DJ system and learn how DJ equipment was hooked up. After 6 months of this, DJ Stretch decides to test his skills at local house parties. It was then he collaborated with his neighbor and friend Alvin also knows as DJ Daddy White (The DAX) and start mixing at local house parties in our neighborhood. DJ Daddy White had saved his money to buy two turntables, mixer, one speaker and an amp. The then DJ Papa J (DJ Stretch first DJ name) would only DJ these parties for 15-20min because he wasn’t too confident in his mixing skills just yet. They both would practice in DJ Daddy Whites basement every other day. Almost a year later and better equipment (DJ Daddy White had purchased two technique 1200’s and Cerwin Vegas) at the age of 17 DJ Stretch (then DJ Papa J) and 19 DJ Daddy White would extend their skills to block parties and high schools dances. DJ Stretch and DJ Daddy White would also challenge the kids in dance contests at the high school dances. For approx. 8 months these two would be the local DJ’s to call for your party until DJ Daddy White would call it quits leaving DJ Stretch with no equipment to DJ parties. So, DJ Stretch would have to use his very first DJ equipment to DJ parties (which wasn’t good quality equipment). DJ Stretch believed he needed to practice harder, so he would lock himself in his basement for hours at a time with his dad’s records and practice like a mad man. After months of practice, DJ Stretch very first solo gig was his neighbor’s house party. He would only have one turntable and a tape deck because his other turntable belt had broken. For his first solo gig, he rocked that party and many more. DJ Stretch would be the only DJ to DJ gigs anywhere on the south side of Chicago, because he was the only DJ that had the respect of gang members. It was then when he changed his DJ name from DJ Papa J to DJ Stretch (The name Stretch came from his boys calling him Stretch Armstrong, because his arms are very long and lanky for his size). After that DJ Stretch would take out a loan and buy his first technique turntables then get speakers and amps from his Dad DJ Capt. Curt. DJ Stretch at this time was 18 and had collaborated with another friend named DJ Lester Fitzpatrick also known as DJ Skitzo. DJ Lester Fitzpatrick had a passion for making house beats while DJ Stretch had a passion for mixing the beats. After just a few month Deejaying parties and DJ Stretch gave DJ Lester Fitzpatrick his beat machine, soon DJ Lester Fitzpatrick would disappear and DJ Stretch would continue to rock the parties by himself. Little did DJ Stretch know that DJ Lester Fitzpatrick had start producing house records and became the top number 5 DJ overseas. DJ Lester Fitzpatrick thanks DJ Stretch for assisting him in his path in becoming a high ranking DJ. At the age of 19 DJ Stretch had continued his DJ career with his dad DJ Capt. Curt.; both would perform at gigs from all sides north, south, east and west side’s corners of Chicago. For 5 ½ yrs DJ Stretch would learn even more about the business from his dad. Being able to DJ genres from new school to old school; learning to DJ all types of parties. At the age 25 DJ Stretch joined the US Navy moved to Virginia, left all his equipment back in Chicago and put his Deejaying career on hold. While in the Navy DJ Stretch never lost the passion or heart for Deejaying, he just had to focus on being a military man and a family man. But one day DJ Stretch had a dream about him being in church and the pastor was giving him some records to spin. It sounds crazy but true. DJ Stretch then ask his mom what that meant and she told him “God didn’t want you to stop Deejaying, he wanted you to have a purpose and switch who you Deejaying for”. For a while he didn’t know what that meant. So when he started going to his now church, the pastor told him “Don’t stop Deejaying you have to go to where they are”. So DJ Stretch waited until he was under orders to go on shore duty in the Navy and it was then he met DJ I Rock Jesus through his brother-in-law Judah Man. DJ I Rock Jesus blessed him two Stanton DJ CD players because, DJ Stretch equipment was stolen in Chicago. While his mom, dad, brothers and sisters visited him in Virginia, his parents’ house was robbed. The thieves took over $20,000 worth of DJ equipment, records and CD’s. DJ Stretch had to start from scratch, saving money to buy a mixer and borrowed an amp and speaker from the church. DJ Stretch had started deejaying again and now running the audio system for church events. DJ Stretch would soon DJ for Charity events, banquets, weddings, concerts and much more. At one event he was an audio technician for a Cassidy concert, another was a fill-in DJ for a China White concert. He continued to get more gigs, a friend called him up to audition to DJ for a pilot show in ATL and then he also performed with his sister Candice Marie at the 2010 Afr’am festival in Virginia. He also did radio interviews one with A’jizzle and another with DJ Formula. Inspired by other DJ’s, in 2010 for five months DJ Stretch tried his hand in his own online DJ mix show (which is now being redeveloped). By this time DJ Stretch had become a DJ you can trust, depend on for quality performance and for professionalism. His friends would spread the word that DJ Stretch is the one to call for your event. With a new mission and purpose DJ Stretch would spread the good word when given the chance to do so. DJ Stretch says “Deejaying is my passion, Deejaying is in my blood, and Deejaying is what I was born to do”. Business: I Spin Record est. Oct 14,2013